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At Sadhanavarsity, our focus is on innovating the tradiional Indian education system for the new age learner ready to contribute to a prosperous and peaceful ecosystem.

We offer actionable input to those who want to learn. There is a variety of contents to choose from. And a learner can decide the sequence and form that is most suitable to them. We believe that multiple learning styles should be addressed and hence offer contents in the form of Text, Audio and Video and a combination of them. The freedom is given to the learner to a select mode of input. After going through the contents, the learner is advised to complete specified activities and learn their own. The content is free to go through. If the learner faces difficulties in understanding or implementing the change, can schedule a paid session with us. The learner self assesses and certifies the learning happened to her.


यद रोचते तद ामू means take what you like. At Sadhanavarsity, we provide learning of your choice. 

Our Vision

Our vision is provide quality learning contents to new age learners, which will help them contribute to a prosperous yet peaceful society.


Our mission is to become the most preferred modern Indian online learning platform. 

The Philosophy

We believe that learners are always searching new things to experiment. We provide them avenues .

We respect the level of curiosity of every individual and hence offer courses in a modular way. A learner can select ONLY required units from a course. A learner can seek guidance from mentor if required. 

We do not believe in keeping schedules, timeline for course completion etc. Learners can choose suitable times for mentorship and watching videos.

We believe in a L2L model of learning, which means anyone who is a learner can make and host a course on our website. 

Our Courses

घरचा व्यवसाय

19 Lessons


Brand Prof.ME

12 Lessons



Sadhanavarsity is doing research in a variety of online self learning based topics through a dedicated group called Shodh Samuh. Since the first lockdown, we have been keenly observing the transformation to education. Today, institutes have adopted their own ways to make sure that they deliver education to students and are innovating in their own ways. We are extremely happy to bring our first research report on "Learning from Delivering Education during Pandemic Times". This report is around the teaching learning activities. Other aspects such as examination, placement and others are planned for the next reports. We thank all the participants, our research team and advisors for their contribution. Request you to go through it and let us know your feedback on it.


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